Dr. Giuseppe Iannone (PsyD, M.Sc., M.A.)

I offer psychotherapy to adults suffering from anxiety, panic, stress, sexual dysfunctions and relationship issues.

My mission is to help you becoming the best version of yourself.

About me


I am a licensed psychologist and psychotherapist specialized in treating anxiety, panic, stress, relationship issues, work difficulties, self-esteem issues, and adjustment to life events (such as relocating in another Country). After graduating in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience at Maastricht University I specialized in Cognitive and Neuropsychological Psychotherapy. I worked in research for some years, both in Italy and abroad. I also have a M.A. in Teaching Italian to Foreigners and I teach self-defense and Psychology of Combat at Systema Milano (www.systemamilano.it). 

How will we work together? 

My primary orientation is cognitive-neuropsychological, although I do integrate other theoretical orientations on a case-by-case basis. Do you know why? Because there are no psychotherapy protocols that are valid for everyone. Indeed, I believe psychotherapy should be personalized, i.e. tailored to each person.

Just like a quality suit is tailor-made, I treat each case individually, using a scientific and effective approach.

Let me use a metaphor. Imagine you decide to get back in shape. You join the gym full of good intentions and ask your personal trainer to set up a personalized program that suits your needs. The task of your personal trainer is to ensure that the weight load is adequate and that you perform the exercises correctly. But both the commitment and the physical effort have to come from you.

The same happens when you start psychotherapy with me.

You will be the protagonist of your change and well-being.

I will be on your side and challenge you to become the best version of yourself. If anxiety, panic, agoraphobia, claustrophobia, stress, sexual dysfunctions, or relationship issues are limiting your life, perhaps it is time to look for professional help. I can assist you to ensure a short and effective psychotherapy. My aim is to help you alleviate your symptoms and become more aware of your feelings, and patterns of relating to yourself and others.

With this premise in mind, let me explain you how we will work more in detail. Psychotherapy with me consists of 3 phases:

Phase 1

Once the date and time of our appointment has been set, “Phase 1” begins. It usually lasts 3 meetings (1 x week) in which I will ask a lot about yourself. This will allow me to understand who you are, and to trace the origin of the disorder, symptoms or condition you reported. This is not a simple chat as with a friend. It is a clinical interview, which has a precise and scientifically based method and a purpose: your well-being.

At the end of Phase 1 I will have a clear picture of your situation and we will discuss what are the causes and factors of both the onset and maintenance of your condition. You will be able to understand where your suffering originates from and what contributes to maintaining it. This can produce a new understanding of yourself and it is accompanied by a first transformation. For instance, your symptoms begin to be less scary. Or you know from where they come from and how to deal with them appropriately.

Phase 2

We will work together to explore and experiment new possible ways of being. You will feel the possibility that you can be and exist otherwise. That you can launch yourself towards different or new life projects that promote your well-being. This may require you to let go of bad habits, acquire new social skills, and so on. But no worries, you will never walk alone in this journey

Phase 3

I am convinced doing psychotherapy does not only imply to understand and reflect on existence. It is also, and above all, feeling the possibility of experimenting new ways of experiencing, to achieve and maintain your well-being.

Using a simile, it is one thing to understand that you are overweight due to an incorrect diet or lack of movement. And another is to change your lifestyle to find your best shape.

The frequency of our psychotherapy sessions, in this phase, varies from 1 to 2 per month. In between sessions I will invite you to complete several simple therapeutic tasks. For example, I will ask you to record your daily experience in a journal. In this notebook – it can be digital or on paper – you will write down all the situations that “activate” you from an emotional point of view, both positively and negatively, throughout the day.

Here is an example of a diary page:

“16:00. My colleague asks me if I can take care of a task. I’m already late with my deliveries. But I’m afraid that if I refuse, he might feel bad and so I accept. However, I feel anxious because I already know that tonight I will be late again and my girlfriend will be disappointed because I promised her to spend more time together. I feel angry because once again I couldn’t say no. I also feel anxious because I know my girlfriend will be mad at me. I can’t breath and I feel my heart pounding”.

During our sessions we go through your records, we analyze them, and we define new, more functional strategies, to deal with what went wrong and prevent to let it happen again.

The end of our journey.

In the final phase of the therapy, we will discuss how to maintain your progresses and we will define medium and long-term life projects. This will allow you to continue direct your life towards a better shape. This might include starting or ending a relationship, looking for a new job, relocating to a new Country, leaving old friends or find new ones … The ultimate goal of therapy is to help you reach the fullness of your most authentic possibilities so that you can live a free and peaceful life.

I look forward to helping you!

Additional areas of focus: 

Family conflicts, Grief, Eating disorders, Sleeping disorders, Parenting issues, Anger management, Self esteem, Career difficulties, Depression, Coping with life changes, Abandonment, Commitment Issues, Communication Problems, Control Issues, Dissociation, Divorce and Separation, Family of Origin Issues, Forgiveness, Infidelity, Life Purpose, Men’s Issues, Post-traumatic Stress, Self-Love, Women’s Issues, Workplace Issues.

License information: Board of Psychologists if Lombardia-Italy n.18949.